The Vision behind Mechinat Beit Yisrael

Now that the State of Israel has been established, our generation is charged with creating a society worthy of our dreams and the dreams of our ancestors.  There are “religious” and “secular” sectors, but today we are building the “Jewish” sector, or more correctly, renewing it.

I’m a Hassidic Zionist, the granddaughter to Hassidim and to pioneers that founded and built the Jewish State, but more accurately, I am a member of the Jewish people. Today’s challenge is to bring to fruition the original hopes of our earliest forefathers – Hassidim, pioneers, and all others – and that we engage in a true return to our roots, not necessarily in the religious sense but in the Jewish sense. In the true spirit of Ve’ahavta L’reiakha Kamokha (Love thy neighbor as thyself), we will unite all Jews for the actualization of the Jewish mission of tikkun olam (repairing the world).

I wish for us all to merit lives driven by mission, in which we work together to build a society of unity, love, and mutual care. May we merit to see the realization of the Prophets’ words and the hopes of our forefathers across the generations.

Orli Fridman Ben Shalom
Executive Director
Kvutzat Reut – Beit Yisrael