Kvutzat Reut considers a connection to nature to be integral to cultivating strong communities and conscientious people. We are proud to operate a local Sustainability Center which promotes environmental awareness by bringing activities to local schools and neighborhood institutions in Gilo. The programming encourages Gilo residents to take part in the betterment of their own community and develop a sense of social responsibility, and inspires the next generation to take an active role in keeping the neighborhood alive and beautiful. The sustainability center includes communal gardening and cleanup projects, holiday programming and special events, workshops and more. 

Mechinat Beit Yisrael and Kvutzat Reut also created a community green space, Hirbet Arza, which serves as an ecological hub and outdoor classroom for schools and families while preserving the local wildlife and ecosystem. Students from the Mechina and local youth initiated the idea and volunteered to execute it on their own, and the project has already garnered support from municipal authorities and other local organizations as it expands.