In the Neighborhood

Community Building

Beit Yisrael works to strengthen ties in the community and to bring Jews from all walks of life together. Together with our friends from the neighborhood we host a Kabbalat Shabbat event each month with various workshops for all ages, and celebrate the holidays together throughout the year; candle lighting on Chanukah, a big Purim festival, an extremely moving ceremony on the eve of Independence Day and more. Beit Yisrael also works to engage and unite the community with summer activities for local families, charity and “good deed” drives and so much more. Participation increases each year, and we are thrilled to be a part of such an amazing, diverse group of people!

Helping Hands 

Beit Yisrael members have also set up a number of programs for locals in need. We operate a hotline for seniors and assist with errands, maintenance and loneliness, as well as a committee run by IDF mothers who work to support local soldiers in memory of Shai Elkayam, z”l.

Neighborhood Renewal

Beit Yisrael works to improve the face of the neighborhood by restoring and maintaining local green spaces, educating children and families about nature and sustainability, and instilling a sense of joint responsibility for the environment we share.

Together with our Mechina students and local residents, we also established Khirbat Arza, a nature reserve and archaeological site that has become a new educational resource  and the neighborhood’s “backyard.”