Liat Rahat, MSW

Ms. Rahat directs the Early Childhood Development Department of Shalva, a nationwide organization for children with developmental disabilities.  Ms. Rahat has worked at several therapeutic institutions, including directing staff working with children in emergency and high-risk situations and foster care supervision with the Ministry of Welfare.  She has also provided private clinical care to individuals and families in the Ultra-Orthodox sector.  Ms. Rahat directed Kvutzat Reut’s Bridges program for three years as well.  She hold an MA in Clinical Social Work.

” Kvutzat Reut-Beit Yisrael is a way of life that brings out all that is best and uplifting in the wonderful people of this country.  The organization and its diverse people have succeeded to contribute ever more over the years together.  The organization and its people are close to my heart.  To me they are partners in hope.”

Aharon Mor

Mr. Mor is a member of the Union for Resource Development in Israel, and lectures on the topics of philanthropy and the Third Sector.  Mr. Mor has served as the Senior Director at the government Department for Restitution of Rights and Jewish Property.  He has also he served as an adviser to the Prime Minister’s office on restitution of rights and Jewish property, as well as the campaign director both for the Australian JNF and the United Israel Appeal in Canada and Britain.  Mr. Mor has founded and headed several nonprofits, and served on the Board of Directors of the Ministry of Economy’s Investment Center as well as the Advisory Committee for the Herzylia Conference.  Mr. Mor holds an MA in Public Administration and Public Policy and is a PhD candidate in Political Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  In addition, Mr. Mor is a Fulbright Fellow, and researcher, lecturer and author on the nonprofit sector.  As an IDF reserve officer, he serves as a member of the Strategic Management Team headed by the IDF Spokesperson.

“Kvutzat Reut-Beit Yisrael emblemizes the ‘beautiful Israel’: values-driven, humane, acting as a role model, optimistic, and committed to renewal in Israeli society.  I appreciate the people who operate it and its activities, and believe that the opportunity to be a part of it makes me a better person.”

Meir Margalit, PhD

Dr. Margalit is sits on the Jerusalem City Council and holds the East Jerusalem and Foreign Workers portfolios in the Jerusalem Municipality. He is a champion of civil rights efforts, especially with regard to protecting all people regardless of nationality, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status. In the past he was involved in community work and mentored at-risk youth and gang members. Since 1988 his office in the Municipality has been a source of support to anyone in need of help dealing with government authorities.