Amy Simon

I was born in the United States, and have lived in Israel since 1974. I am a founding member of Gilo’s urban kibbutz Beit Yisrael. 

My education is diverse, and includes a Bachelor’s in psychology, a certificate in early childhood education and a Master’s in Yiddish literature. Like my education, my career has gone through many phases. Today, I work full time in the English Catologist Department at the National Library in Jerusalem, as well as part time at the Yiddish Press. 

In addition to my volunteer work with Kvutzat Reut, I am the chairperson of the Shevet Achim Community, the Conservative movement in Gilo. 

To me, the organization is primarily about fulfilling a dream. It is amazing to see how a small group of young idealists successfully established a thriving community across a wide range of cultures, backgrounds and ages that acts toward Tikkun Olam in various ways. Every dreamer knows that fulfillment only comes with immense effort. I am honored to be a part of both the dream and its fulfillment. 

Liat Rahat, MSW

Ms. Rahat directs the Early Childhood Development Department of Shalva, a nationwide organization for children with developmental disabilities.  Ms. Rahat has worked at several therapeutic institutions, including directing staff working with children in emergency and high-risk situations and foster care supervision with the Ministry of Welfare.  She has also provided private clinical care to individuals and families in the Ultra-Orthodox sector.  Ms. Rahat directed Kvutzat Reut’s Bridges program for three years as well.  She hold an MA in Clinical Social Work.

” Kvutzat Reut-Beit Yisrael is a way of life that brings out all that is best and uplifting in the wonderful people of this country.  The organization and its diverse people have succeeded to contribute ever more over the years together.  The organization and its people are close to my heart.  To me they are partners in hope.”

Dr. Aharon Mor

Lecturer and author on philanthropy, non-profit sector, and restitution of Jewish property from the Holocaust-era and from Arab countries. Co-founder and partner in a green start-up company dealing with energy savings. Board member in third sector and business sector organizations. Founder of working group for establishing the national council on philanthropy headed by the State’s President. Head of Academic Committee of Israel’s Association of Professional Fundraisers. Served as campaign director both for the Australian JNF  and the United Israel Appeal in Britain, and Canada. Founded and headed several nonprofits.  Served on the strategic team of the IDF spokesperson.

Served at the Ministry of Finance at the Collective Bargaining Department, Tax Authority, Budget Department, Investment Authority, and International Department. Served on the board of directors of the Ministry of Economy’s Investment Center.

Served as Senior Director of the governmental Department for Restitution of Rights and Jewish Property. Served as Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister’s office on restitution of rights and Jewish property.

Fulbright Fellow holds a PhD in History, MA in Public Administration and Public Policy, and BA in economics. Certified Tax Supervisor finalized training as Chartered Accountant (excluding degree).

“Kvutzat Reut-Beit Yisrael emblemizes the ‘beautiful Israel’: values-driven, humane, acting as a role model, optimistic, and committed to renewal in Israeli society.  I appreciate the people who operate it and its activities, and believe that the opportunity to be a part of it makes me a better person.”

Elchanan Noam

Owner and CEO of Elchanan Noam Business Development and VC Fundraising. Former CEO at the Eitan Foundation for small and mid-sized businesses. 

Mr. Noam is also the co-CEO of Tevet Logistics Co. and the CEO of Home in Jerusalem, which works to improve real estate and urban and national plans as well as raise capital funding for projects. He has also served as president of a food factory and research center in the Jordan Valley. 

He holds an MBA from Hebrew University with a focus on strategic management and studied mediation at Goma College. He was also certified as a legal expert witness by the Israeli Experts Institute. 

Elchanan Noam has a wide range of experience in consulting and guiding companies and public organizations, local authorities and Kibbutz factories, and has helped raise capital and resources for professionals and non profits alike. His work focuses on real estate, production, energy and infrastructure. 

“To me, the organization is a connection between resilience and practical goals and values, tradition, society, and community. The collaborative work, mutual empowerment and drive toward improving education, activism and equal opportunity allows me to take part in strengthening the foundational principles of Israeli society. “

Meir Margalit, PhD

Dr. Margalit is sits on the Jerusalem City Council and holds the East Jerusalem and Foreign Workers portfolios in the Jerusalem Municipality. He is a champion of civil rights efforts, especially with regard to protecting all people regardless of nationality, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status. In the past he was involved in community work and mentored at-risk youth and gang members. Since 1988 his office in the Municipality has been a source of support to anyone in need of help dealing with government authorities.